Work Packages

The BLUEMED project will represent a flexible and concrete “complex and multidimensional tool” suitable to support and implement the “BLUEMED Initiative” and the correlated SRIA challenges and actions. A sort of fil rouge unifies the activities of BLUEMED project, with its robust machinery of Work Packages, Tasks and Platforms organisation.

The BLUEMED project is organised around five Work Packages (WP) closely interlinked as shown in the diagram.

Overall Structure


WP1 – Project Coordination, management, and communication, will provide the coordination and management of the project (Task 1.1), support the functioning of the governance (Task 1.2) and carry out communication and dissemination activities (Task 1.3), as well as the implementation of the BLUEMED Community Portal (Task 1.4).

WP2 – Strengthening cooperation to consolidate and implement the BLUEMED SRIA, will consolidate the BLUEMED SRIA (Task 2.1), prioritize actions (Task 2.2) and develop the BLUEMED Implementation Plan (Task 2.5). It will also address instruments and tools for promoting joint implementation of the SRIA (Task 2.3) and support the creation of an Operational Network of research funders and key players (Task 2.4).

WP3 – Framework conditions, will address relevant framework conditions for efficiently implementing the BLUEMED SRIA actions, including indicators and assessment methodologies (Task 3.1), and key enabling factors such as Research Infrastructures (Task 3.2), data policies (Task 3.3), and human resources (Task 3.4) in the Blue Growth perspective.

WP4 – Start-up Actions, will develop feasibility studies on specific priorities through Start-up Actions that will be launched (Task 4.1), implemented and monitored (Task 4.2).

WP5 – The global Med, will widen the participation to the project and promote the BLUEMED concept by: connecting with other relevant projects and initiatives (Task 5.1); involving participants of non-EU countries in the process (Task 5.2); and training the BLUEMED ‘Ambassadors’ (Task 5.3).

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