The Four Platforms

Four thematic transnational interconnected Platforms at Mediterranean level are set-up as tool to ensure constant dialogue and consultation with concerned national stakeholders to reach the objective of the BLUEMED initiative, the finalization of the BLUEMED SRIA and a dynamic implementation plan.

Platforms are operative “environments” where representatives from relevant stakeholders at national level can bring their expertise, competence and interact to convey the message of national communities, sectors, agencies, institutions, discuss and agree on gaps, needs, barriers and priorities, explore synergies, define implementation and funding schemes. They are active observatories providing a flexible framework for monitoring the system, update the needs and then promote solutions in an integrated way.

In the long term, platforms are expected to act as a transnational operation network that will continuously and with a concrete approach monitor, prioritized, update, and make tangible the BLUEMED SRIA in the Mediterranean.

Platforms Composition

Permanent members: Platform coordinator, National pivots, CSA partners’ representatives

Non-permanent members/observers: Interested CSA Partners; Task Leaders; Experts/Stakeholders; Members of the BLUEMED CSA Advisory Board.

Platform 1

Knowledge of Mediterranean Sea Dynamics and ecosystems

Activities address:

  • Main barriers and bottlenecks to improve scientific knowledge;
  • Science-to-Policy knowledge needs and gaps from a scientific perspective
  • Key knowledge gaps according to the science point of view to support sustainable development of marine and maritime sectors.


Platform 2

Economic sectors of Blue Growth economy in the Mediterranean

Activities address:

  • Main barriers and bottlenecks to improve sustainable development of marine and maritime economic sectors;
  • Multi-funding schemes and public-private initiatives to promote the public-private cooperation in research, innovation and technology development and contribute to boost the maritime economy;
  • Ecosystem-based management approach and planning of the maritime space and marine resources;
  • Key contributions expected from innovation and technology;
  • Role of maritime clusters (e.g. Pôle Mer Méditerranée, MareTC FVG, MarC, …) to boost the maritime economy.

Platform 3

Enabling technologies for Blue Growth in the Mediterranean

Activities address:

  • Main barriers and bottlenecks to the development and use of new technologies;
  • Technology needs to advance in the sustainable development of traditional sectors of the marine and maritime economy (including fisheries, maritime transport and cultural heritage);
  • Technology needs for improving marine data and knowledge;
  • Specific needs of new sectors strongly technology driven (e.g. deep sea mining, marine biotechnologies)
  • Technology needs for multipurpose offshore platforms.


Platform 4

Science to Policy for Blue Growth

Activities address:

  • How policy is affecting the other three Platforms;
  • Science-to-Policy needs and gaps from the policy perspective;
  • Legal aspects as R&I enabling factors;
  • Innovative and crucial themes such as Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), safety and security, surveillance, migration.

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