The Project

The BLUEMED project is a Coordination and Support Action, funded by the European Commission within the H2020 framework programme with 3 M€, aimed at supporting the implementation of the BLUEMED Initiative. The BLUEMED initiative offers a shared strategic framework for working towards a healthy, productive and resilient Mediterranean Sea that is better known and valued. It is designed to tap the full potential of the marine and maritime sectors, structuring transnational cooperation to create new ‘blue’ jobs and to promote and improve social wellbeing, sustainable prosperity and the environmental status of the region and its surroundings.

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Expected Results & Impact

The main impact that the BLUEMED project will have is to change the way of thinking of the different groups/actors in the Mediterranean area, from North to South and from East to West, to a more comprehensive approach, establishing the Blue Growth concept in one of the most attractive areas in Europe. Furthermore, the BLUEMED project will try to establish a new integrated approach to create real impact through a balanced and synergistic relationship between industrial development, academic research and innovation, and coupling private and public end-users requirements

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Steering Committee (SC) – highest level and ultimate decision-making body, it is aimed at the internal governance of the project. It will be the place where the advancement of the project, critical issues and risks, partner contributes and main results will be shared, discussed and approved. The Steering Committee will therefore monitor the progress of the project, with reference to the timetable, outputs and expected impacts, suggesting also possible adaptation measures. Read More

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Work Packages

The BLUEMED project will represent a flexible and concrete “complex and multidimensional tool” suitable to support and implement the “BLUEMED Initiative” and the correlated SRIA challenges and actions. A sort of fil rouge unifies the activities of BLUEMED project, with its robust machinery of Work Packages, Tasks and Platforms organisation. 

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Advisory Board

The BLUEMED Advisory Board (BAO) is the official strategic advisory body of the project for scientific, technical and policy issues. It will be the high-level strategic mentoring board, coherently continuing the heritage of the BLUEMED Initiative and particularly the SRIA working group, assisting the Steering Committee, addressing the BLUEMED project’s achievements (including towards all EU countries), its developments, priorities, new visions and integration among initiatives, and counselling the project all along.

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Stakeholder Engagement

The BlueMed initiative is designed to involve relevant players and stakeholders such as national ministries, regional authorities, international organisations, organisations that undertake research, research infrastructure, academia, the private sector, nongovernmental organizations and the general public.

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